Laudescher LINEA SWELL – Suspended Ceiling

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  • Natural (D-s1,d0)
  • Natural (B-s2,d0)
  • Clear varnish (B-s2,d0)
  • Wax Color (B-s2,d0)
  • Wax Color (D-s1,d0)
  • Wax Color MC (B-s2,d0)

* Choice of finish: cf. building classification table

Comprising: the panel, 1 assembly strip + 4 screws, 2 joining kits (4 Combifix + 2 threaded rods Ø6 x 30 mm) + 1 black dowel Ø10 mm

Acoustic version: Laudescher 301 acoustic fleece on the rear side, factory assembled

Modular dimensions: 1700 x 1200 mm

Additional information


Linear wave


68 mm

Wood Section

20 x 68 mm

Black rear wooden counter-slats

20 x 42 mm

Spacing between slats

100 mm

Average void area


Technical Specification


* Test report, panel with LAUDESCHER 301 acoustic fleece and LAUDESCHER 301 acoustic fleece + 45 mm MW or SW

** Moist and/or corrosive environments, cf. grid system manufacturer recommendations


Edging system:


Acoustic Results

Sound absorption has been measured as defined in standard ISO 354. Data related to sound absorption (αp, αw, absorption class) has been calculated in compliance with standard ISO 11654 (LAUDESCHER LINEA + addition of acoustic materials).

LAUDESCHER LINEA SWELL ceiling, LAUDESCHER 201 acoustic fleece on 400 mm plenum + MW or SW


Weighted index: αw = 0.65

Absorption class: Class C

According to ASTM C423: NRC = 0.65